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SPIN S 200 The 1st Autonomous Electric Scooter In The World


Spin, the micromobility subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, today announced an exclusive international alliance with software company Tortoise to bring Spin S-200 remotely-operated e-scooters to cities in North America and Europe in 2021. The company’s new Spin Valet platform makes it possible to remotely operate Spin’s fleet and automatically re-park scooters out of the pathway of pedestrians and other sidewalk or street traffic within seconds.

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Spin Valet combines Tortoise’s software with the front and rear-facing built-in cameras on the S-200. This technology will eventually make it possible for a rider to “hail” an e-scooter several blocks to a desired pick up location.The first S-200 fleet will be piloted in Boise, Idaho this Spring. The City will receive up to 300 S-200 e-scooters.

This is the first time the technology will be launched with a robust, more stable three-wheeled e-scooter, which can better withstand different road conditions due to its enhanced suspension. Spin S 200 will offer a safer ride with three independent braking systems (regenerative rear brake, front and rear drum brakes) and turn signals (on handlebars and near the rear wheel).


After a ride is terminated by the individual riding the e-scooter, the remote operations team may reposition the scooter (at a low-speed – max 3 mph) if the vehicle is blocking the sidewalk, crosswalk, or a handicapped space. The same repositioning can take place if the vehicle is parked at a destination where it’s unlikely to get another trip./via read more: media.ford

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