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Spy Warthog Makes Friends With Warthogs & Gets a Full Body Make Over From Mongooses

Clip from programme 3 “Friendship” of our BBC/PBS/THIRTEEN Productions LLC series Spy in the Wild.Spy Warthog makes friends with warthogs and gets a full body make over from mongooses.The BBC show gives a unique perspective on wildlife, using more than animatronic creatures who go undercover in the animal world.

image/text credit: JohnDownerProd

Using special “spy cameras” invented by film maker John Downer’s team at John Downer Productions, the robotic lookalikes move, sound and smell like the real thing so that they are accepted by the animals and provide incredible insights into their world.

These astonishing animatronic creations, which are so accurate they can fool adult animals into caring for them, are able to mimic such behaviour as a crocodile swimming or a wild dog ‘play-bowing’.



They contain one vital element in their make-up: a tiny camera concealed in their eye, which, thanks to its proximity to wild or timid creatures, is capable of filming animal behaviours never before witnessed by human beings.