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Stealth Winter Proof Camper Ram ProMaster Van


Embark on a unique van life adventure with Joey as he showcases his custom-built four-season camper van, Vangelina Jolie. Dive into the intricacies of his build and discover how he transformed a 2019 Ram ProMaster into a cozy, versatile home on wheels.Joey’s van is equipped for all seasons, thanks to spray foam insulation and a diesel heater. Whether braving cold winters or enjoying summer days, Vangelina Jolie offers comfort and versatility with its Max Air fan and skylight.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

The kitchen is designed for maximum countertop space, featuring a 6-foot counter and an extendable countertop. A 130L TruckFridge 12V fridge, induction cooktop, and ample storage make it a perfect space for culinary adventures on the go. Joey has equipped the van with a comprehensive switch panel, controlling the dimmable 12V puck lights, strip lighting, under-cabinet, and toe-kick lighting, creating the perfect ambiance for any time of the day.

The van doubles as a dining and workspace, with swivel seats and a Lagoon table, ensuring convenience and comfort. A 27-inch computer monitor and a host of cooking appliances, including a ninja foodie air fryer and a two-burner induction stove, are smartly stored for easy access. The diesel heater, with a separate tank in the engine bay, and a cellular router with an unlimited data SIM card, ensure warmth and connectivity wherever Joey’s adventures take him.


The van’s ‘brain’ includes a simarine Pico monitor, tracking power and water usage from a 400 amp-hour lithium-ion battery bank and water tanks. Joey’s journey from a traditional path to van life involved self-taught skills in solar and construction, culminating in the creation of Vangelina Jolie. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for discomfort, especially in winter van life.