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Steampunk Lamp “Octopus Brown Yacht”, V3, With RGB Illumination, Dimmer & TWO Edison Bulb

Left front – working voltmeter, shows the supply voltage to the bulbs real-time.This voltmeter, like all the other parts of the lamp, is made entirely from the first to the last bolt (except coil).In the middle in front – two orange indicator.Below – is the voltage indicator.Above – is the voltage indicator on the lamps.

image/text credit: Magen Kening

Right front – wheel of the voltage regulator in the form of sea handwheel for fine adjustment of the voltage of lamps.Left on the lamp – a window with RGB illumination.On the right – the switch is 100% voltage ( instant inclusion ) on the bulbs.

Under the tumbler – mounted octopus – as the guardian of the traditions of Brown.Lamp housing – is covered with a brown leatherette high quality.On the other hand: analog clock + two windows with RGB illumination.


The watch has a yellow backlight.You can turn off the backlight – by turning the switch from the bottom.At the bottom of the lamp are four toggle switches – to turn off / on the RGB backlight.The lamps are protected by a brown glass on both sides – glass thickness of 4 mm.All contacts and bolts are now brass, are not afraid of water.Bolts are decorated with brass pins.The wire has a fabric braid electric wire.