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Steel Cables Transformed Into Beautiful Damascus Knife

If you wish to see steel cables on fire and being hammered to make a beautiful knife, then you will certainly enjoy this video.The process of manufacturing (forging) a blade from a rope. On the cutting edge, steel is W 110, zone hardening is 62 units.

image/text credit: shurap

The roller is long – but not a single stroke is missed on the steel. The billet is soaked in kerosene. This is necessary for good welding (forging) steel. I sprinkle flux (90% borax + 5% quartz sand + 5% charcoal powder) this is necessary for forging (forge) welding.

The flux is alloyed with scale – the formed substance is sufficiently fluid and is easily displaced by deformation. In addition, the flux protects against oxygen and charcoal, carburizes the surface layer of metal – which lowers the welding temperature.


The knife is going to be sand to achieve an excellent edge. Then the knife will be cooked to harden the metal. The end of the hard work is a beautiful knife with an unusual animal skin like pattern that gives it a unique look.