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Steph Is An International Cheerleader,She’s Also Blind

She is part of the England ParaCheer team, where physically disabled and non-disabled athletes compete side-by-side. The 2017 World Cheerleading Championships in Florida will be the first ever to feature ParaCheer teams.

They’ll be scored on how successfully disabled athletes are integrated into routines. We followed her during the team’s final performance before setting off for the United States.We are excited and proud to announce the Coaches and Athletes who will be representing England at the 2017 ICU Cheerleading World Championships in the brand new ParaCheer divisions.

In ParaCheer team Athletes learn about adaptation and how to ensure people with impairments can still be included in activitiesAn understanding of adaptation and translation of cheer specific skills may also help those non-disabled athletes during times of injury or other difficulty.


As ParaCheer teams are usually free of charge at competitions, athletes get another chance to perform on the competition floor, giving them performance experience but without additional cost to the programme