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This Sticker Can Wirelessly Charge Your Smartphone Or Tablet

Energysquare is a new generation of wireless chargers that will allow you to charge multiple devices at the same speed as classic chargers, just by placing it on an ultra-thin pad. No induction, no electromagnetic waves.

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While other wireless charges rely on electromagnetic induction to juice your phone or tablet, Energysquare says that it created a new kind of technology, one that uses electric conduction instead.

This allows for multiple devices to charge simultaneously at speeds comparable to your traditional cord-based charger.Energysquare is compatible with all smartphones and tablets having micro usb connectors (Android and Windows Phone), lightning connectors (iPhone) and usb type C !


Unlike induction charging, there is no loss of energy. Several devices can be charged on wide surfaces simultaneously!If you want to keep using a classic charger, you can just unplug the sticker temporally and plug it back in when you’re done!The sticker has been beautifully designed to fit any type of modern smartphone.