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Stopping Poachers in Palau by Burning Their Boats

Palau is a protected nature reserve, but that doesn’t stop poachers. But other fisherman will go to extreme lengths to stop them. The Pacific nation sent a clear message to fishermen on Friday when it set fire to four Vietnamese boats who were illegally fishing in Palau’s protected waters.


The boats were discovered off Kayangel Island with more than 8 metric tons of sea cucumbers and reef fish on board. The 77 crew members were given fuel and provisions and send back to Vietnam aboard two remaining fishing boats.

‘This message goes to the captain and crews of these vessels. Palau guarantees you will return with nothing,’ president Tommy Remengesau Jr said after the boats were burned on Friday.


Captains will be prosecuted and jailed. Boats will be burned. Nothing will be gained from poaching in Palau. From one fisherman to another, respect Palau.