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Stunt Freaks Team – EPIC WINTER MOPED Project


By combining all types of different parts from various vehicles and even some parts that don’t belong to vehicles at all, the crew managed to come up with a sort of moped trike that gets them around in the snow called the “EPIC WINTER MOPED”, its powered by a 125cc four-stroke engine.

source/image: Stunt Freaks Team

It can do virtually everything that winter makes sense in doing!This thing really takes the concept and turns it up to a new level as it boasts all sorts of different wacky features like a heating system and even a shield that kind of makes it look like a fish tank on wheels.//stuntfreaksteam

As for the trike itself, it is totally ridiculous but incredibly feature-packed, including having a rack for hot coals to use to turn the plexiglass enclosure into a sauna and a quintet of super-bright LED flashlights mounted to the top to make sure you can ride at night.


And speaking of the plexiglass frame, it also has functional,”ish” Lamborghini-style doors that open to let the rider step inside and climb aboard. Lastly, there’s a nice beefy set of wheelie bars on the back the keep things in the upright position, for the most part, while enjoying the wintry conditions.