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Stuntman Jumps Between Rocks 1200ft In Air!

A group of stuntmen have carried out what looks like an impossible task – flipping between rocks 1200 feet above the picturesque town of Svolvær, Norway.


Jarl Hernes Gåsvær, 24, captured the incredible video of his brother, Brage Hernes Gåsvær, 18, fearlessly flipping on the iconic Svolværgeita, the top of a popular climbing route.

Brage, a student from Oslo, climbed the summit with three others as two stayed behind to film.He said: “I wanted to do something that hadn’t been done before.”


There is an ironically placed graveyard over 350 metres below so I could literally fall to my grave.We all felt so pumped after I’d done it, there was a moment of extreme happiness.