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Stutz Blackhawk 1973 Such A Great Car



The Stutz Blackhawk is an American luxury car manufactured from 1971 through 1987. Other than the name it bears no resemblance to the original Blackhawk (1929-1930).


The Stutz Motor Company was revived in August 1968 by New York banker James O’Donnell.


The price of the Stutz Blackhawk was very high because it was totally exclusive and very luxurious for its time: leather upholstery, air conditioning, seat and electric window, precious wood veneer, gold plated metal.


The Stutz Blackhawk was assembled by hand in Turin in Italy on a chassis of Pontiac Grand Prix, it was motorized by a V8 General Motors of 7,5 liters 425 horse power.

It’s believed each vehicle represented something like 1500 man hours of labour: the 18 to 22-layer paint job alone was a six-week process.