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Sunbeam Model 6 1928 500cc One Cylinder Sv Combination


This fine “Longstroke“ combination is equipped with a complete Bosch lightning system, AMAC carburetor. The bike bears it´s first paint has a wonderful patina. It runs well. The Model 6 was one of the longest running Sunbeam models having been introduced in 1922 and remaining in the catalogue, with changes of name until the manufacture of Sunbeams effectively ceased at the end of 1939.

source.image: classic-motorcycle.com

The Model 6 492cc side valve single had benefitted from the company’s experience with a prototype machine raced at the 1921 French Grand Prix. Dubbed the “Longstroke” by enthusiasts and the factory alike as a means of differentiating it from the existing 85mm x 88mm engine, whose origins lay in the design dating from 1913, the new power plant had dimensions of 77mm x 105mm giving a displacement of 492cc.

The new model quickly demonstrated its worth, securing victory in the 1922 Senior TT with a lap of 59.99 mph in the hands of Alec Bennett resulting in the model being marketed as the “Longstroke TT” for the 1922 and 1923 seasons. From 1924 it was known simply as the Model 6 sharing its cycle parts with the short stroke Model 5 between 1923 and 1926.


The ICI takeover of Sunbeam resulted in a change of name to “The Lion” from 1929 and a saddle tank was adopted in 1930, the turn of the decade also marking the shift in the “Longstrokes” role from rakish sportster to reliable tourer, whilst retaining the high quality finish and sound, reliable, engineering for which Sunbeam motorcycles were renowned.