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A Super Smart Dog That Understands 1,022 Words (or more)

A psychology professor was interested in finding out how many words a dog could learn. And Chaser the Border Collie turned out to be the perfect student.Chaser is one pooch that certainly has the bow wow factor. In three years of intensive training this sprightly Border Collie has managed to learn an astonishing 1022 Words – So just how does she do it?

It took three years of intensive training, but this impressive pooch has learned 1,022 words! This has even opened up her mind to using highly complex logic and process of elimination to learn new words. Just watch below…

Chaser has been called “the most scientifically important dog in over a century.” Can she also make educated guesses when learning new words? Pilley tests her ability to infer the name of new toys, too. Chaser knows the first two objects, knows them by name, but has never seen that sneaker before.


But tell her to “fetch New Balance,” and she’ll walk over to the three objects, puzzled, and analyze them for a second. She’ll walk among them, look at them carefully, and then gently grab the sneaker and bring it back to you–because she has figured out that she has to fetch something and this weird object is the only thing that could possibly match up with that weird sound you told her to fetch.