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Supercharged Baseball Bat with CO2 Cartridges


In this video The Q created a custom baseball bat with CO2 Cartridges that almost guarantees a home run. Inside a wooden baseball bat, he added two CO2 Cartridges that can hit a ball with impressive force.

source/image(PrtSc): The Q

In today’s video I show cool experiment. How to supercharge baseball bat ? Very simple if you have 2 x CO2 cartridges, springs and few pieces of metal. Watch the video from The Q for more info:

After watching the video let’s hope The Q takes this experiment to its logical conclusion.When the bat makes contact with an incoming ball, either from someone throwing it or on a tee which then explode and force it propel the ball.


The design means that the player needs to release the trigger that holds the CO2 Cartridges in ordert to push the Baseball Bat faster and harder.

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