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Sway Lithium – An All-Electric Tilting Trike Scooter

Sway is an all electric tilting trike that combines thrill and maneuverability with increased stability and performance. Sway is a comfortable fit and easy ride for anyone, woman or man, who can ride a standard-sized motor scooter.

source/image: swaymotorsports

This video demonstrates the basic capabilities of the Sway Lithium electric trike in an urban environment.Sway Lithium has an estimated price of $7999.

Sway Lithium has a 6 kilowatt (kW) motor, which puts out roughly 8 horsepower. It’s around the power of a 125cc gas engine, and means Sway Lithium is categorized as a Motorcycle.This can propel the Sway to a top speed of 55 miles per hour and a maximum range of about 40 miles.


It features a specially designed steering mechanism that allows the scooter to lean through the turns as though it had two wheels.Much like a gas engine, this will depend on how you drive. If you are accelerating hard the whole time or going up steep hills, you will get fewer miles per charge. At 30 mph, the charge can last for 40 miles on Sway Lithium.