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Swimming with Crocodiles In The Cage of Death – Croc Cove

This is your chance to swim with a crocodile.The cage of death in Darwin lets you get up close and swim with crocodiles that are over five meters long.Experience the thrill of sharing the very environment of a 5m + Saltwater crocodile.

source/image: Crocosaurus Cove

Marvel at their size and their prehistoric features and prepare for your heart to start racing as you catch each others eye.Every Cage of Death dive includes 15 minutes in the enclosure with one of these massive reptiles.

Regular feeding by our crocodile handlers while you are in the cage encourages more movement from the crocodiles and ensures an up close encounter that must be seen to be believed!


Operated by an over-head monorail and designed for 1 or 2 people per cage*, the Cage of Death has you suspended above the crocs before being lowered into the pen for a closer encounter with these amazing reptiles.

Get up close to these amazing prehistoric creatures as you are lowered by an overhead monorail into 3 separate enclosure, home to some of the countries largest Saltwater Crocodiles.