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Innovative Glass – Switchable Privacy Glass

ESG Switchable HD is being seen as the next generation of this type of product. Their in house R & d department have developed new features that can only be found on ESG Switchable HD. They include LCD Preservation Software, Protection Circuitry to prevent damage to the LCD film, state of the art product monitoring. While there is also the inclusion of Bluetooth and WiFi switching.

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Using the best quality LCD film in the UK, capable of creating the largest switchable LCD panels in the country, their ESG Switchable panels are widely regarded as the best performing switchable privacy glass on the market.

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But what makes this switchable glass even better is the range of patented controllers and wiring accessories. These controllers are designed to monitor the LCD glass panels and ensure they are operating at their optimum performance and to make installation as easy as possible by using a plug and play wiring solution.


ESG Switchable is available in sizing up to 1,800mm x 3,500mm, custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with any of our range of security or fire resistant glass products for glass products for a total glass solution.

Using only the best carefully selected materials, ESG offers bespoke solutions to fit different applications such as: Showers and Wetrooms ,Partitioning,Corporate and Offices ,Health,Residential and many more.