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T-Rex Aero 3S by Anibal Automotive Design

Anibal Automotive Design has made this 2013 T-Rex Aero 3S to look like it is coming from the Star Wars movie. This is the futuristic design that we have all been searching for and the team has really done a great job with the build of it.

image credit: jean-pierre lussier

Now the car is featuring the Aero parts that are going to make the body of the car more aerodynamic so it could fly on the track without being dragged down by the air resistance. This is a great way to make a T-Rex car faster and the team of Anibal Automotive Design knows what they have been doing, knowing their field of expertise have made this car so much better.

It has performed so well at the wind tunnel and that’s why it got the name Aero on it. The driver will not have to worry about the aerodynamic design of the body anymore as he is going to be certain that the driver will reach the desired speed in no time with this car.


Having the large and great looking wheels on the 2013 T-Rex Aero 3S make it look even better when viewed from the side of it. The red color on the body has been a refreshment in the racing cars because all of the builders are choosing the white on black, or the yellow kind of color nowadays.