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Tabbert Tb 400 The Egg Small But Spacious Caravan


Tabbert T@B 400 – your home during the best weeks of the year. Travel wherever you want with a fully equipped caravan. Make your favorite dish in a practical kitchenette, relax in the seating area and rest in your own bed.

source.image: Bobilagenten AS

A rainy day? Excellent – because you don’t even have to run over to the toilets in the rain. Do you also want a small home on wheels?Base price € 23,990

This small caravan is produced by KnausTabbert – and gained cult status in the form of the hub “egget”. Note that Tabbert has managed to create a spacious bathroom and kitchen even in limited space. Alufibre roof for optimal protection against hail.This versatile trailer offers a comfortable dinette, a dedicated queen-size bed, a spacious wet bath, a galley kitchen, and ample storage.


One thing that sets it apart is the option to have a hidden bunk, easily accessible when needed and cleverly concealed when not in use. This makes the TAB 400 perfect for small families. The thick, thumping, all-aluminium exterior certainly gives the impression it would emerge unscathed from any crunching tackles it might be subjected to. Inside, the sturdiness of the surfaces, the quality of the materials and the neatness of the joinery reassure us that this caravan is in it for the long haul.