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Tanco 1400 High Speed Trailed Round Bale Wrapper

The 1400 EH high speed, trailed round bale wrapper has a unique loading and unloading system, along with a superior wrapping process delivering consistent bale wrapping in all conditions. The machine has a hydraulic offset hitch and loads from the front following the line of the baler (no need for crossing swathes)./TancoTV

source/image(PrtSc): TancoTV

The loading arm is attached directly to the table frame, so when the loading arm drops to the ground, the table uniquely splits. This allows the silage bale to gently transfer from loading arm to table, greatly reducing the stress of the chassis. The loading and bale transfer is a very fast and efficient process. A unique compact design also ensures stable loading of heavy bales.read more: TancoTV

The 1400 bale wrapper uses proportional speed controls enabling the operator to set wrapping speeds from the controller. The twin tower design makes the 1400 Series much stronger and capable of wrapping in all conditions. Specially designed aluminium wrap arms reduce wear and tear, ensuring a longer life for the wrapper. Automatic film break sensors come as standard. The fast acting and strong gripping cut and starts ensure short cycle times.


The unique split table allows the back roller to lower independently, gently offloading a wrapped bale. As the rear roller offloads a wrapped bale, the front roller and loading arm simultaneously lower to the loading position and the next bale can be wrapped without delay. The optional end tip kit allows the bale to automatically tip over onto the flat end as the bale offloads./TancoTV