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Tank-Treaded 1958 Land Rover 109 Series II – War Mode

In 1963, Shell Oil Company had a specialized Land Rover built for its Alaskan operations and exploration of possible pipeline routes. Wide flotation-style, 33-inch tall tires were fitted to traverse the tundra, adjusted by a compressor under the body with a power take-off.

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Tracked Rovers have been around long before Ken Block built his Raptor.Rally America and Global Rallycross driver Ken Block’s tracked Raptor is not the first off-road vehicle to use tracks.

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Long before Block’s Raptor or the Subaru he built prior to that, Scotland’s Cuthbertson had fitted a Land Rover with removable tracks.Lowering the ground pressure to 1.9 pounds per square inch, this allowed the SUV to cover swampy ground.


The conversion required the base vehicle (sans wheels) to be dropped onto a sub-frame that allowed for the clearance and movement of the treads.

With this modification, do not expect the Land Rover Series II can break the record at the Nurburging circuit, because this car can only run with a maximum speed of 32 km / hour.Otherwise, the car was as drivable as any normal Land Rover, requiring no special controls. Apparently, only around 15 were ever made.