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Tatra 810 4×4 – World Record On Crossing The Highest Artificially Created Ramp In The World

“Terrible,” was the first thing Libor Vaclavik had said when he stepped out of the Tatra 810 4×4, with whom he managed to cross the highest technical hurdle in the world on Librosti Center in Liberec on Wednesday afternoon.He enrolled in the Czech Book of Records with indelible writing.via(ostrava.idnes).

image credit: Marek Zaród

Everything looks different from below, but when you rise upright and you can not see anything other than guidance guides, you can not even describe the feelings you are experiencing,” said Libor Václavík.

image credit: Marek Zaród

That is why I took my friend Petra Tešnara, who built the monster, for whom I would like to thank him very much, he continued, adding that he had been preparing for this day for five years.


“When the guys come here to train, then they’ll recall them in crisis situations when they need it. It will help them in moments when they will save someone, “he added, with great thanks also to the owner of Tatras Jaroslav Strnad.

When I told him for the first time that I had planned to overtake this obstacle with Tatra, he told me I was crazy. But then we started to talk about it and eventually everything went wrong. I’m really delighted today that it did…