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TATRA Phoenix 8×8 Monster Truck Bus Named Sleipnir


Sleipnir tours 8×8 glacier trucks are the largest and safest way to travel on glaciers and are custom built to deal with the difficult and hostile glacier terrain, they are 8×8 all wheel drive trucks on 65” and 78” tires.

source/image(PrtSc): sleipnirtours

“TATRABUS” was made for Sleipnir Tours, which allows excursions with tourists on Iceland’s second largest glacier, Langjökull.They are also built for maximum comfort for our client, with leather seats, skyline windows, state of the art AC system and are equipped with actually usable toilets!

The designer and mechanic Ástvaldur Óskarsson is behind the construction of the unique machine. It is really a real monster with a length of 15 meters, which, thanks to the mentioned giant wheels and tires, will not throw even a 3 meter wide pit.


He used the Phoenix model as a basis with a four-axle chassis, with an 8×8 drive and a diesel, liquid-cooled, in-line six-cylinder Paccar MX-13 with a volume of 13.0 liters and a maximum output of 390 kW. The bus can move up to 60 km / h even on snow./Bjorgvin Amundason