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TATRA Truck With a Unique Combination Of 4×4 Steered Axles

TATRA TRUCKS, along with standard trucks, special vehicles for fire brigade units and armed forces, develops and manufactures chassis for special application. From now on, even for drilling rigs, very expensive devices requiring highly customized chassis, to be reliably transported to places beyond the reach of roads in off-road conditions.

image/text credit: tatra.cz

The unique chassis design does not require additional mounting of the auxiliary frame for the attachment of the couplings,the assembly of other superstructures is simple without the use of compensating mounting parts.

image/text credit: tatra.cz

Independent suspension of air suspension axles allows to increase the transport speed and hence the overall transport capacity. For safe and safe movement in the field, the vehicle is equipped with all axial and axle differential locks.


With the front-wheel drive, you benefit from all the benefits of a fully-fledged vehicle whenever circumstances require,while driving on roads or paved roads, driving without front-wheel drive makes driving more efficient.

The chassis air system is now newly managed through electronic management to optimize air consumption and compressor operation, thereby helping to reduce fuel consumption.