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Team USA Tests The Giant Eagle Prime Ahead Of Its “Giant Robot Duel”

Giant fighting robots are no longer a thing of science fictionI.f you can recall, it was two years ago that the robot company Megabots challenged their Japanese counterparts to a battle between giant robots. The Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry accepted the challenge.

image/text credit: Photographer Greg Munson, megabots

The idea was to pit Megabots’ Mark 2 robot against the Suidobashi robot Kuratas. It was supposed to happen a year ago, but was delayed, and Megabots built a new giant robot. This week, they unveiled the new model called Eagle Prime, which is about as American a name as you can get.

This is Eagle Prime, America’s entrant into the Giant Robot Duel, in its first-ever live-fire combat trial. Eagle Prime is the first MK3-class MegaBot from MegaBots, Inc. It weighs in at 12 tons, stands 16 feet tall, seats two, is powered by a 430 horsepower V8 LS3 engine, and costs a cool $2.5M. Cupholders come standard.


Eagle Prime will be representing Team USA in the upcoming Giant Robot Duel against Suidobashi Heavy Industries. Subscribe to this channel to watch the Duel!he vision of MegaBots is to entertain a growing global audience of science-fiction fans and eSport enthusiasts by turning their dreams about giant robot combat into epic reality.