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Terrainhopper All Terrain Electric Wheelchair Mobility Scooter


The all terrain electric wheelchair produced and made by Terrainhopper, takes on a local forest trail traversing logs, mud and rivers. This mobility scooter shows the off road capabilities and stability, showing the articulated suspension in full effect.

source/image: TerrainHopper Ltd

Conquer deep mud, sand, snow, rocks, steep hills, undergrowth and many obstacles. With a ground clearance of 250 mm and 35 degree incline climbing ability the inaccessible becomes accessible.

The ultimate on/off-road, true four-wheel drive all terrain power wheelchair. No challenge too great for this beast. Its rugged construction makes gravel, mud, sand and snow like a walk in the park.


With four 750-watt electric motors and a range of up to 24 miles, all round independent suspension,Speed Option 1: Geared for extreme off-road – 4mph/8.5kph,Speed Option 2: Less demanding off-road – 8mph/12kph,Standard front disc brakes.

VIATerrainHopper Ltd
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