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Tesla Just Made A Futuristic Solar-Powered Tiny House!

Tesla is hitting the road across Australia in a tiny house powered by 100% renewable energy. Join us at one of our upcoming locations to experience how Powerwall and solar can seamlessly integrate to power an entire home.The tiny house contains a Tesla mobile design studio and configurator to help home owners configure a solar plus energy storage system for their home.

source/image: tesla

We want to bring the Tesla Tiny House to you, so you can fully experience what it means to be self-powered. Our next stop could be in your town, tell us where you’d like to see us.The Tiny House includes a design studio and a configurator.

Customers can figure out how much energy they can produce and store using Tesla’s products, as well learning about the potential to make a profit with tpress release reads.


Powered by 100 percent renewable energy via a 2 kW solar system and Powerwall, Tiny House  can calculate how your home can generate clean energy from the sun using solar panels, storing it in the Powerall to use through the day and night, which can all be monitored and controlled by the Tesla app.via(insideevs)