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Tesla Model 3’s IPM-SynRM Motor Working Principle 3D Animation


Tesla Model 3’s comes with an alternative motor technology that Tesla calls a permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor. These motors differ from a conventional PM (permanent magnet) motor in the design of the rotor.A synchronous reluctance motor has a series of electromagnets around the stator, but the rotor doesn’t have any windings or permanent magnets.

source/image(PrtSc): Learn Engineering

The engineers of Tesla motor’s shocked everyone when they abandoned the versatile induction motor in Model 3 cars. They used a totally different motor called IPM-SynRM. Let’s understand why the Tesla engineers made this crucial design change. Watch the video from Learn Engineering for more info:

THe Synchronous reluctance motor instead the rotor contains veins of a magnetic material interspersed with non-magnetic material, arranged so that it has a preferred orientation in the magnetic field created by the stator.


To turn the rotor, the motor activates electromagnets in sequence, creating a rotating magnetic field that pulls the rotor along. The main advantage of the SynRM relies on the absence of the rotor cage losses or PM losses, allowing a continuous torque higher than the torque of an Induction Motor of the same size.

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