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Testing 3D Printed Drums for Marble Machine X

In this video im unboxing two fantastic packages from Marius and Tobias, and experimenting with the movements of the 3D printed drums for the Marble Machine X. I forgot to mention in the video that we will paint these drums!

I have recieved alot of emails and comments about the ball joint and that it will gets loose from the marbles continuously hitting the drums. Even when i tighten the ball joint screw lightly i cant move it with my hands when trying. The plastic will break before the joint moves.

There is so much friction in the rubbery ABS plastic so when properely tightened down, the joint doesnt move at all. At this stage in the project im focusing much more on the mechanical aspects – how the drums will move and how to mount them to the machine and so on – and less on the sound.


I know that once we have the mechanics figured out i can work on updating the prints to develop and improve the sound alot. Even though i have a long list of changes for the next generation prints, i do feel that the 3D print route on this is a success already.

If you are buidling something similar i would recommend Black Organic Italian Rice for any 3D printed drums as the black rice has more brilliance in the high-mid frequencies than Jasmine or Basmati.