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The $1.5 Million 4×4 EarthRoamer CAMPERVAN – The Future of Luxury Overland Travel

The EarthRoamer XV-HD was designed for those who love the quality, design and craftsmanship of our more compact XV-LTS model, but desire more space and amenities. In addition to being more spacious, the HD also provides greater fuel, water, solar and battery capacities.

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By using the latest technologies we’ve created the most efficient, state-of-the-art and self-sufficient expedition vehicle ever, allowing you to travel off the beaten path for longer.As a platform, the Ford F-750 is a beast on its own. The basic stats go something like this: 6.7-litre Powerstroke V8 turbo diesel 330bhp.via(earthroamer).

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The electrical system is built around a 20KW lithium battery bank. It’s got a power take-off driven hydraulic generator, 2,100 Watts of solar capability.This allows you to power more for longer, without the need to recharge.


The interior of the HD is built to the highest standards. Materials and the overall aesthetic are completely customizable so you can create a one of a kind vehicle that will be like no other on the road. Start with one of our floor plans, then customize as you see fit to satisfy all of your individual needs.

A 155-gallon fuel tank and 250-gallon fresh water supply mean it can potentially go for weeks in the wilderness without needing to fill either up.The XV-HD is priced at $1.5 million and requires a $375,000 down payment before EarthRoamer will even start building one for you.