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The 1929 Harley-Davidson Pulsejet Engine Motorcycle!

Packing two jet engines and capable of hitting speeds of over 200mph, this Harley Davidson offers brave souls the ride of a lifetime.Based on the classic 1926 flat-track racer and built by super-mechanic Robert Maddox, the Harley Davidson SportJet can complete the sprint to 60mph in just five seconds.

source/image: Robert Maddox

The self-proclaimed ‘Rocketman’ customised the two-wheeler for a bike racer in Illinois.Bob Maddox Jet engine motorcylMr Maddox, whose aim is to one day strap on two of his own rockets and head four miles up into the outer atmosphere, said the bike can produce an eye-watering 250lb of thrust.

source/image: Robert Maddox

According to Mr Maddox, who did five test runs on the bike before handing it over to its new owner, its handling is ‘smooth and stable’, although it is so powerful that it ‘wants to pull your arms off’.


Bob Maddox Jet engine motorcyle bob maddox riding his one of a kind super twin engine 200 pound thrust jet bike Harley Dragon bike.

This was the first test run on the Harley Sport Jet, the guy talking to me is my nephew Tyler Maddox, Maddox visual. My fab shop is in medford Oregon where I grew up. I was a cabinet builder and fine artist for most of my life. In 1990 I started skydiving and made around 3000 jumps over the next 20 years and began building pulsejet engine around 2000.