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The 1955 Chrysler Ghia Gilda Streamline X , Powered By a Jet Turbine Engine

A vehicle that is truly one of a kind, the Ghia Streamline X was created through a collaboration between Chrysler design chief Virgil Exner and Italian designer Giovanni Savonuzzi.

image/text credit: barrett-jackson

The defining motivation behind the creation of the 1955 Chrysler model was to explore crosswind resistance in Chrysler vehicles by making them more aerodynamic. Part car, part jet, and definitely part spaceship.

image/text credit: barrett-jackson

The car was given the name Gilda, after Rita Hayworth’s film, because it reflected the dangerous, chic appeal of the starlet. The Streamline X was meant to fit a turbine engine, which is was put in place by its current owner and restoration fanatic.

image/text credit: barrett-jackson

A compact Single-stage AiResearch turbine was fitted into Gilda.Computer and wind tunnel modeling have determined that the 70 HP turbine would be capable of propelling the car up to 160 MPH.



The gas turbine engine allows the car to reach speeds of up to 160 mph; speeds which suit its jet-like appearance. The car has been for sale multiple times and is estimated to be worth around $1.3 million.

The current owner, a Pebble Beach judge in the Preservation Class, has been a conscientious conservator of the Gilda Streamline X, and today most of the finishes both inside and outside are original. It even still wears its original CEAT tires.”