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The $200,000 Police Bomb Robot – The Andros F5

Northrop Grumman Remotec, a division of one of the largest military contractors in the country, outfits militaries and over 400 US civilian bomb squads with their Andros robot – a machine capable of assessing suspicious packages and diffusing bombs.

The Andros F5 is replete with a number of additional attachments and utilities over the lightweight Marcbot model. The robot carries with it a manipulator arm, gripper, and 24″ camera extender.

The robot weighs a rough figure of 222kgs and is capable of climbing stairs due to its treads.


The use of the robot has drawn widespread criticism and controversy; some proponents argue that the use of a lethal robot was a key measure to save further lives.

While detractors argue that using either manned or unmanned robots to execute lethal police action is comparable to drone warfare.US Armed Forces in Iraq have previously jury-rigged Marcbot models to serve as mobile improvised explosive devices.