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The aCar Is An All-Wheel-Drive Electric Car Designed To Conquer Any Rugged Terrain

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich have developed a custom-designed electric car for Africa that can help transport goods on rugged terrain including carrying heavy loads and off-road driving.The aCar is an all-wheel-drive electric car with seating for two. It can be charged in seven hours from a regular household wall socket.

source/image: acar.tum

The car has a range of 80 km and a top speed of 60 km/h. The solar panels on the roof can collect energy throughout the day to keep the car running.

source/image: acar.tum

The truck is driven by a pair of 8kW electric motors, which are powered by a 48V 20 kWh battery system, which can also be tapped as a power source for other on-site applications.

source/image: acar.tum

The vehicle is designed for multiple functions, such as transporting cargo, medical uses, and even as a power source. The team behind the project aims to bring the cost of each car to below US$11,800, New Atlas reported.


With the aCar we have developed a mobility concept that can solve these problems,” professor Markus Lienkamp, head of the TUM Chair of Automotive Technology.

The first prototype was tested on roads in Ghana in July. The team will present their new prototype to the public at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt in September,where it is predicted to attract interest for applications not only in the developing world, but also in the European market, where low- and zero-emissions transport solutions are in demand.