Home Technology The Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro, The Electric Off-Roader For The Future Concept

The Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro, The Electric Off-Roader For The Future Concept

Audi is presenting its concept car Audi AI:Trail at the IAA 2019. The car combines futuristic design with autonomous driving, electric mobility, and a special connection to nature.The AI:Trail features all-wheel drive. It comes courtesy of four electric motors, one for each wheel. This should allow for easy torque vectoring to make sure power goes where there’s traction.

source/image: Audi

The futuristic utility vehicle features a pod-like passenger compartment mounted on top of a flat chassis that houses its battery pack and the 429 hp four-motor all-wheel-drive system for its exposed tires, and with a weight of just 3,858 pounds, which is light for a long-range electric car, it should be a pretty quick buggy, at least up to its 81 mph top speed and its able to travel between 248 and 310 miles.

source/image: Audi

The driver can choose autonomous driving level 3 (on forest roads) or 4 (on paved streets). On rough terrain, though, the driver still needs to drive.The interior of the Audi AI:TRAIL already made waves at the IAA 2019: rather than rear passenger seats, the car is outfitted with two hanging chairs that work according to the same principle as a hammock.


Natural materials such as wood, felt, and wool emphasize the connection to nature,with a length of 4.15 meters and a height of 1.67 meters, the concept car is relatively compact.It’s easy to see that the Audi concept car is designed for use on rough terrain — the quattro drive has become a design element. Eye-catching tires with visible technical elements give the car a good grip on the damp forest floor. They provide the link between the quattro drive and the car’s body.

A first look at a visionary vehicle revealed at #IAA19: The #AI:TRAIL #quattro completes the quartet of #Audi’s concept cars. It is a comprehensive concept for #sustainable #mobility – driving emission-free thanks to four electric motors and a quattro drive.