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The Beta.Ray a Spherical Solar Power Energy Generator


A German Company Rawlemon has created a spherical sun power generator prototype called the beta.ray. This technology combines spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system, allowing twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area.

source/image: Rawlemon ltd.

The futuristic design is fully rotational and is suitable for inclined surfaces, walls of buildings, and anywhere with access to the sky. It can even be used as an electric car charging station. The beta.ray can generate up to 3.4 kWh a day, enough to run your laptop for almost a week. It has a 5.4 kWh battery.

The system takes a dramatically different approach to providing buildings with electrical power, thermal energy, reduced solar gain, and enhanced transparency for daylighting.


This next generation high efficiency system integrates architecturally into the building envelope, harvesting solar energy, while still providing outside views and diffuse daylight for the building users.

VIARawlemon ltd.
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