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The Blue People of Kentucky – The True Story of the Fugate Family

The family known as the Fugate had lived in the area for generations dating all the way back to the 19th century when a French orphan by the name of Martin Fugate settled in this area of Kentucky. Apparently, he was born with blue skin but had no way of tracing his background because he had no family.via(disclose.tv)

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Eventually, he met and fell in love with a red-haired girl with a pale complexion by the name of Elizabeth Smith. The couple married and started a family; this is when the odd occurrence that stunned the medical community happened, the couple would have four of their eight children were born with blue skin just like their father.

Blue skin caused by genetics. The argument that colloidal silver “causes” Agryria or blue skin, at a minimum deserves a more diligent look.The reason members of the Fugate family and its patriarch Martin Fugate had blue skin was because they had as methemoglobinemia or as it was more commonly known Met H.


This condition occurs when a person fails to carry oxygen to the blood properly. Sort of like when a person is suffocating or suffering from hypothermia their skin pigment starts to turn blue. But in those with Met H. It is a genetic condition which can be carried from parent and passed on to the child.