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The BMW Isetta Is the Strangest BMW of All Time

Of all the cars BMW has ever made, the BMW Isetta is the most ridiculous — and the most unique. This video shows exactly why the Isetta is so crazy.In the 1960s and ’70s, BMW sold the Isetta, a truly absurd automobile that probably should never have existed.

And the weird Isetta quirks go SO FAR BEYOND just that. For instance: The steering column is attached to the door, and it folds away when you open the door for easier access. There are two seats, but no trunk.

Instead, storage is primarily limited to a little pouch on the door probably large enough for one single bottle of contact lens solution. While early Isetta models had just 12 horsepower, the one I drove is a later model with a huge power bump.


It has 13 horsepower. The climate control system is actually just a vent that pours hot air somewhere near your feet. And the entire Isetta weighs just 750 pounds.So, you might be wondering, why did BMW make this car? BMW, manufacturer of the Z8, and the M3, and the M5, and a wide range of rather indistinguishable luxury sport-utility vehicles. How did they get roped into this thing?