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The Brightest Car in the World – Polaris Fluorescent Pigmen Extra Bright Color!

Polaris Fluorescent Pigment is a high quality, fade resistant, super bright color for your car. Spray it using the DIY friendly products like Plasti Dip Spray or DYC ProLine. Extra bright color!

source/image(PrtSc): DipYourCar 

Polaris Yellow Kits include a quart of Fix Kit thinner. Pre-mix the Polaris Yellow Pearls into the thinner, by blending well, to ensure complete pigment dispersion.

source/image(PrtSc): DipYourCar 

Polaris is a fade-resistant Fluorescent Pigment. Testing has proven Polaris will last far longer than traditional fluorescent colors; however depending on your climate, daily UV exposure and cleaning/maintenance schedule, some fading may occur longer term.


DipYourCar.com is world famous for peelable car and wheel paint. You can change the color of any part of your car by yourself! A do-it-yourself product that you can use at home and is totally affordable.

Spray and paint your wheels, your car, your emblems, your trim – basically anything. Peel it off and go back to the original color when you are ready. Durable, easy to clean and maintain, dipping your car is something almost anyone can do!