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The Cummins Mini With a 4,400 HP! The Most Powerful Car In The World

Fans at the Goodwood Festival of Speed are going to be treated to an extra powerful Mini.Visitors to the Goodwood Festival of Speed will see one of the most powerful cars in the world yet – it’s a diesel-powered Mini!Stuffing a giant engine into a tiny car is one of cardom’s oldest ways of going faster.

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Diesel-engine manufacturer Cummins took things to the extreme by grafting a V16 QSK95 engine onto an original Austin Mini.Engine manufacturer Cummins is going one better than last year by adding an even more powerful engine on to the back of a specially-constructed original Mini.

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The V16 QSK95 is normally used to power locomotives and mining trucks, and has an overall capacity of 95 litres – each cylinder is 5.9 litres, almost six times that of an original Mini 1-litre.


With an overall output of 4,400bhp and 11,800lb.ft of torque it is over three times more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron. However, as Steve Nendick from Cummins explains, this particular Mini can’t move under its own steam.

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“It would need a transmission, fuel tank, cooling system, and exhaust system that would each be bigger than the original Mini. As a complete power pack with all these systems installed it would be about the same size as the Cummins 40 foot exhibition trailer.”