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The DR 28 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

The DR 28-Ton Hydraulic model gives you the option of splitting in both horizontal and vertical configurations.For most logs the horizontal mode is the most convenient.

source/image: DRPowerEquipment

Just place the log on the beam, and start the ram. It’s that easy! You can increase your productivity with our optional 4-way splitting wedge, which easily attaches to the standard wedge.

If you have a log that’s too big to easily lift, just pull a pin and rotate the beam 90 degrees.Now you can maneuver your log into place without lifting it.


The 28-Ton model features an easy-starting Kohler 10.20 Overhead Valve engine.A 2″ ball hitch with safety chains comes standard, allowing you to tow the unit at speeds up to 45 mph on its big 16″ tires.