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The Duck Boat – Amphibious Transport Truck In Action

Duck tours, or DUKW tours, are tours that take place on purpose-built amphibious tour buses or military surplus DUKWs and LARC-Vs. Duck tours are primarily offered as tourist attractions in harbor, river and lake cities.

source/image: twentytrucks

A Boston Duck Tour provides high-energy fun with a unique perspective on the history of Boston. Explore the streets of Beantown on a World War II style landing craftOnce your landing craft turns into a “duck” in the water, you’ll have a duck’s-eye-view of Boston.

Kids LOVE these songs about trucks and machines! Sing along as you watch these Amphibious Transports in action, also known as Duck Boats. “Is it a boat? Is it a truck? Sure it can float.


And we call it a Duck. Oh, they can go on the water and drive up on land. It’s an Amphibious Transport, doing all that they can!”.Climb aboard a super-cool amphibious tour vehicle that is part boat, part bus, and a whole lot of duck.