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The DUO Moke Electric Assisted Cargo Bike/Velocar

Urban Drivestyle’s new DUO Moke is a compact, powerful and fun electric cargo bike that can legally be ridden as a electric bicycle with up to 25 km/h. It features a strong steel frame and two electric engines on the rear hubs.

source/image(PrtSc): Urban Drivestyle

Power is provided you a battery and a pedal operated generator to make it a true human-electric hybrid electric bike.It is a blast to ride and handles rough terrain very smoothly despite the fact we replaced the suspension with super fat balloon tires.

Duo Moke is a simple, rugged electric cargo/ passenger electric bike made of Chromoly Steel tubing and a aluminum top structure. The frame structure is welded and the cabin part is fully removable and can be modified very easily to suit different needs (Child transport, cargo, delivery).


DUO M0ke has a small engine in each rear wheel, taking away most of the peddling work and it can carry up to four 20 Ah batteries for a range of up to 200 km between charges.Weather protection and side panels for low temperatures, Designed for up 50 kph / 45 kph,100 km minimum range on one charge.