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The Farm of the Future Could Fit in Your Backyard

Alesca Life’s shipping container farm is a green haven in central Beijing. Could this be the way to grow safer food to feed China’s increasing population?

Alesca Life creates solutions that enable anyone anywhere to grow the safest, healthiest and freshest produce. Our flagship product is a completely self-contained and automated growing system housed within a ISO-standard 40-foot shipping container.

This video shows a glimpse of a future in which urban farming is integrated into people’s lives. When food is produced within walking distance it truly becomes hyper-local, giving consumers same-day freshness.


Using Alesca Life’s solution, plants grow faster with the highest quality and freshness,” says Young. “Combining hydroponic cultivation techniques and advanced software management, it is also dramatically more water and land efficient than traditional field methods.”

Like other hydroponic systems, the shipping containers rely on LED lights and nutrient solutions. They are stacked in layers to maximize space.

While China’s overcrowded cities are a major driver for urban farming, Alesca life is also finding its customers in the country’s increasingly health-conscious growing middle class. “It’s safer because it doesn’t require using any pesticides and harmful chemicals,” says Young. “It’s not artificial all.”