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The Fast-Tube, A Revolutionary Concrete Column Form Installation

Fast-Tube™ is a revolutionary column form replacing cardboard tubes (SonoTubes) to form concrete columns for residential or commercial use.

source/image(PrtSc): FabFormIndustries

Manufactured from high strength fabric, Fast-Tube™ comes on rolls of 120′ and in diameters ranging from 6″ to 24″.As Fast-Tube is shipped flat; it is 1% the space of Cardboard tubes.

Fast-Tube is quicker to install than Sonotubes, and results in no waste as you cut your columns to an exact length.Fast-Tube is completely waterproof, and as such can be set up weeks in advance.


Also unlike Cardboard Sonotubes; Fast-Tube can be removed from the concrete in seconds. Saving hundreds of dollars in labor costs on site. Installation, pouring and stripping is quick and easy.

Sustainable Advantages

  • No waste: cut any length from 100′ roll
  • Ships flat, 1% the space of cardboard tubes
  • Light weight, 10% the weight of cardboard tubes
  • Strips in seconds
  • Recycle as underslab membrane
  • Undamaged by rain and moisture