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The First Compact S.U.V. In The World – Quadro4

QUADRO4 is the first compact S.U.V. (Safe Utility Vehicle) in the world, with four tilting wheels and two-wheel drive, targeted towards a modern users looking for a unique and superior level of safety, comfort and fun on all road and weather conditions. Everyone likes it: expert/beginner, adult/young, man/woman.

source/image(PrtSc): quadrovehicles

QUADRO4 is equipped with a double HTS Hydraulic Tilting System™ device and four tilting wheels with independent hydraulic suspensions, combined braking system on all four wheels.

source/image: motofichas

QUADRO4 is also equipped with a specifically designed 350cc engine, centrally mounted, with double camshaft, for higher level of comfortable ride and with integrated differential for a two-wheel drive. QUADRO4 is strongly built with special reinforced frame to withstand all road conditions.


A compact S.U.V. Safe Utility Vehicle as QUADRO4 represents a new great opportunity of mobility for a large number of users looking for a different and very safe alternative to their current option car, bike, scooter, bicycle, urban transport, pedestrian mobility.

Thanks to its brilliant and fluid engine, QUADRO4 can tackle any road condition with maximum safety and unique agility on both crowed and urban roads or long-distance journeys. QUADRO4 is extremely handling and guarantees an easy ride also to the female users, also for those making their shopping in the city center wearing high heels.