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The First Electric Powered Balance Bikes For Kids

Over the past few months we have really began to understand the brand that we are creating. STACYC is not just a product it’s a way of life. We’ve realized that the reason we set out to build these rad little bikes in the first place was because of the passion that we have for two wheels and the desire to share that with our kids.

source/image:  Stacyc Stability Cycle

Ultimately the ethos of STACYC is to “Share the Love of Riding”. Whether it’s parents and their kids or a friend or family member teaching a little one to ride, we are dedicated to build a product that allows this to happen sooner and safer than ever before.

The STACYC 12EDrive is the perfect choice for little rippers with little or no experience on a balance bike. Your child should have an inseam of 14” or more to adequately touch the ground with a slight bend in the knees for optimum sizing.


Your child can learn to push, balance, and coast in the Non-powered mode. Graduate them to the powered mode (the holy grail of fun) as they show proficient use and understanding of the brake and the ability to coast and brake while standing. Start them with a speed similar to what they can push the non-powered version at, and they learn the use of the twist throttle, and a long coast turn into a constant use of throttle and giggles.