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The First Ever Launch Of The 32ft Amphibious Houseboat!

The first ever launch of the amphibious houseboat!!! Here’s a quick recap of how it went. The long/boring/detailed version still to come.Fantastic turnout to see this monster launched. We’ll never be able to thank you all enough for all the support you’ve given the project.

source/image: Showboating

Theon Parseghian used a derelict 1967 houseboat and a crop-sprayer tractor to engineer a practical vehicle that operates efficiently on both land and water.He spent $10,000 bringing his project to life last summer andoriginally built the vehicle because he thought it would be ‘cool’ to do so.

All the feedback has been the leading motivation to continue on this amazing journey. Now…. on to the next project!“With experience comes confidence, and with confidence, you know you can do anything you believe you can do.” – Bob Ross.


The appropriately named “Beast of Burden,” is a merger between a 32ft houseboat (1967 Jeffboat Sunliner) and a 3-wheel tractor (Rickel “Big-A” Sprayer). Built by Theon of Theonomics. No rational reason why, he just thought it’d be cool.