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FXV 4.7 Family Off Road Caravan/Trailer Walk-Through

The FXV 4.7 is a pure off-road family caravan that provide families the confidence to travel in the harshest outback conditions with the comforts for the whole family. The FXV 4.7 rides on the smooth MTC off road coil independent trailing arm suspension with dual shock absorbers creates extra ground clearance and over 30 degrees of departure angle.

source/image(PrtSc): Mountain Trail Campers

Outside, the FXV 4.7 boasts enormous storage capacity for everything you could possibly need.An electric awning covers the signature MTC ergonomically designed stainless steel slide-out kitchen that features hot water, stainless steel sink and a 3 burner gas stove, under kitchen storage and a large stainless steel bench.///mountaintrailcampers

source/image(PrtSc): Mountain Trail Campers

Along with the kitchen, there are 2 pantry drawers for ample food storage and a 95 ltr slide-out fridge with 2 separate compartments that can be set at variable temperatures, such as fridge or freezer.The front vented storage compartment offers storage for 2 gas bottles and 2 jerry cans; plus, additional space for fire wood and rubbish.


Inside, the FXV 4.7 is pure luxury with a pillow top innerspring queen size bed, a bunk with 2 pillow top innerspring single mattresses, and a table for 4 people to dine in comfort.

The FXV 4.7 has internal cabinets for ample clothing storage, diesel powered heating at a flick of a switch, Bluetooth audio connectivity, DVD, TV and radio amplified by the external winegard digital aerial.Keeping interior temperature under control is easy with the FXV 4.7, through the use of double glazed windows, an efficient reverse cycle air conditioning (optional in the 4.7) and a 12v Sirocco fan.//mountaintrailcampers