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The Girl Who Sleeps One Hour A Day

A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl has a rare condition which means she can survive on an hour of sleep a night. Exhausted parents Robin Audette and Kirk Hisko are lucky to get between four to six hours sleep a night.

image/text credit: Barcoft TV

But their energetic daughter Ever can survive on as little as an hour and a half – and even been known to sleep at 20 minute intervals throughout a whole night. The reason for Ever’s sporadic sleeping patterns?

Angelman syndrome: a genetic and neurological disorder, which occurs in approximately 12-20,000 people.But while there are limits to what Ever can do, she’s not aware of them – and the only way she would be more perfect is if ‘she would sleep’.


Her mother, Ms Audette, 35, said: ‘If we can get anywhere between four-six hours out of her than we’ve done good.But there are nights she wakes up after an hour and a half she’s good to go for another six hours. We’ve kind of learnt to just roll with it.